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Vignita is a social learning platform. It is the future of professional training. Delivered today.
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The platform in simple words
Vignita brings together all forms of training in one platform. We connect companies with experts and technology so that they can effectively collaborate on training professionals. It is used for onboarding, corporate training, compliance, up-skilling and re-skilling.
Experts use Vignita to create educational content which they can advertise, market and sell via the marketplace. Having sold their products they also use the plattform for teaching and following up their students while all their administration is handled automatically by us.
Managers use Vignita to onboard, train and monitor the competence of their employees. They can buy and distribute training from a range of experts and create internal educational content while all their administration is handled automatically by us.
Vignita is tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals, so they can find and learn new skills. Everything they learn is automatically added to their professional profile that can be shared with the team.


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Vignita covers all the needs of B2B professional training
We offer blended and adaptive learning. Create your own mix of theoretical and practical training either online or onsite via a variety of training remedies.
Stay on top of all your compliance needs by getting quick access to all your results and documentation in one place.
A transaction model that suits the Professional B2B market where the Expert controls their own pricing and Companies get to pick, choose and pay only for the products that they need.
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We tailor the learning experience to match the needs and wants of professionals who do not normally spend their time by a computer.

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